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May 15, 2008


Kyle McDougal

Wow, this was very helpful. I just submitted my site, www.TheLoveQuilt.com to some of the websites you mentioned, and I have seen some results. Thank you very much for posting this!


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What a lucky day! I've read your great post and these 25 tips will be useful to me to start my business online. I am looking forward to doing the things as your opinions to practise my SEO skill and hope soon can master it. Thank you and god.

Skip @skipshoe Shuda

@Yondel Great - I look forward to hearing how things work out!


This info is rather useful. I will be back in about a month to let you know how things turn out for me.

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These 25 tips of starting business and run them fasting and smoothly is really very great but i would like to add and pressurized on internet marketing and advertising which is very important for business.

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I really like your articles, thank you, I have learned a lot


amazing job done ,I agree~

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That was a great post! Thanks for providing the informative article indeed


Thanks for such a great post and the review, I am totally impressed! Keep stuff like this coming.


You're right!
I'd like it so much and it was helpful about ways 2 market, thank you ;)

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It's an inexpensive way to have your prospect/client/user be surrounded by your branding. The more useful the item, the better. Save money and buy them in bulk.


Very nice article, I really enjoyed reading it.


amazing job done

Skip Shuda

Thanks for all of your comments.

@CaffeineAddiction - only #21 - or 21 out of 25?

@Alessandro - great point on Wikipedia. Although the post says "we're working on it", we have not yet written one that is acceptable to Wikipedia. Wikipedia will only accept non-marketing descriptions of a company. I also checked out some of our closest competitors - and none showed up in Wikipedia.

@Rita - glad the Cafepress idea helped! Where is our tee-shirt?!

- Skip


I agree with the majority listed here and can say that blogging/youtube vids & squidoo lenses did the trick for me and got me a lot of traffic and in the end a lot buyers (a lot more than I had before I done those things)...but I disagree about using Wikipedia to Profile your company and market it...spamming Wiki is not a good thing..there are some things that should not be abused and wiki is one of those things...and anyway the admins will remove those profiles pronto....


The SEO strategies you offer are amazing thank you for them.

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Thanks a lot for your post is very helpful and positive to me great idea.

Jeff Paul Scam

These 25 tips of starting business and run them fasting and smoothly is really very great but i would like to add and pressurized on internet marketing and advertising which is very important for business.

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Great resources that you've provided. I wanted to let your readers know that the information provided by Infusionsoft's "The Edge" are very resourceful for small businesses to consider as they grow.

Basically, the idea is to follow-up with your existing customers instead of wasting time (and money) on advertising for new ones.

The Edge has a great guide to the 9 building blocks to doubling your sales. While it won't necessarily help everyone, it will help those small businesses who experience growing "pains."

Check it out at:



I've been trying to figure out a way to give out free t-shirts with my site's logo. Thank you for giving me the idea of doing it on cafepress. Not sure how effective the advertising would be but I've noticed personally I tend to look at the print on people's shirts for some reason.


Hi Donald,

Good to hear from you! I like the idea of creating groups and bringing targeted consumers together around a specific topic. It looks like the challenges are controlling SPAM (which you've addressed), and to get members to join in the first place.

Thanks for sharing!

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