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March 27, 2008


Skip @skipshoe Shuda

@ED - thanks for the suggestion. We'll check it out.


Hey, I am checking this site from my Blackberry and it looks kinda funky. Thought you’d want to know. It’s a great post though, didn’t mess that up...

Article submission

great job

keep coming


Skip Shuda, Chief Cheap Revolutionary

Thanks for the great feedback, everyone. I'm glad you're finding this to be a helpful resource. As @IrishBusinessEntrepreneur says, commenting on blogs is a great way to share interests and join the conversation.

Irish Business Entrepreneur

Blog commenting is a good idea. It allows you to share your thoughts with others with same interests as you as well as finding other great blogs and eventually sharing them.

media planning

Great tips on how to drive your Page Rank up. This should really help a lot of sites with media planning.

payday loans canada

Like your site, and all the great tips that are mentioned on it, it has really helped out.

Mike M.

I've never been too keen on linkedin, but plenty of useful tips either way :-) cheers!

Make Stable Money

Press releases are great, ive been meaning to step up my press release game.

Lloyd Lim

As you mentioned in the beginning of your post, I am watching every dollar spent on my budget. Thank you very much for these do-it-yourself PR ideas - it was exactly what I was looking for.

Apply for Credit Cards

Thanks for the reminder about wikipedia.

Another idea is to submit to alot of the free directories like dmoz, hotfrog, wikidirectory etc.

Also leaving comments on Yahoo answers is very good.

Susan/Unique Business Opportunity

I have been reading a lot of material about getting the word out and networking. You have given me some great tips. Thank you

Debby Phillips

This is a great list. Number 15 is probably my favorite. I love to get out and meet other people in the industry. It is fun to share ideas with other people and see what projects they are working on.


Thanks, everyone! Someone gave us an idea of doing a series out of these - e.g. Free PR Ideas, PR Ideas under $500 and so on....what do you think?

Akemi - Yes to Me

Great list!
I am currently running a writing contest called "I Have A Dream. . ." and offering a movie DVD as a prize just to make it fun. I think it helps us to think big and in terms of possibilities, not probabilities -- important for entrepreneurs.

Scott Howard (Scloho)

Excellent resource list! I'm recommending your blog to others! http://sclohonet.blogspot.com/2008/04/nearly-free-ways-to-market-yourself.html


Great ideas! Some I used some I haven't but after reading this believe me it will be implemented today.

Very Well Written.


Kelly Martin

this is a great read thank you
you did a nice job


i'm sorry where your entrecard ? it's doesn't appear

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