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October 18, 2007



Thanks for posting this list. We've had our own issues with Constant Contact just recently when sending out a large list for a marketing client of ours. CC requires what they call an "industry standard" of only 1 email per 1,000 being reported as spam. We all know that's an unrealistic number - all it takes is someone changing jobs and a new person taking over their position - email gets forwarded from old person to new - and bang - you've got a spam report. What about those executives or others on our email list who have an assistant checking their email? Again - high spam report risk, because the assistant might decide not to forward the email to the person it was intended for. Out of nearly 9,000 emails, we had 25 spam reports - but an even higher number of opens and click-throughs, so our email was not being regarded as spam by most of the recipients. Nonetheless, we were told that we had to remove what appeared to be the "trouble list" and move them to "do not mail" - which reduced our list from 9,000 to about 6,000 - and we were informed by CC that any further spam reports that entered their realm of unacceptable numbers could risk termination of the account. We're seeking another option, since we can't control the reaction of recipients to our email. It's rather unrealistic of CC to expect a 1 in 1,000 spam report rate considering all the variables involved.

Sol Kleinman

Thanks so much for your information. Does anyone know a service that sends e-mails without the signature of the service company on the bottom? I want it to look more personal than having a signature as Constant Contact attached to the e-mails.

Bandorah Mandy

Have you considered www.simplycast.com they have a free for life plan. They also offer all in one marketing platform.


I am forced to use constant contact at my company. I absolutely hate it with a passion! I have nothing good to say about it. It is not user friendly. The templates are terrible to work with. Trying to get a basic email done in a few hours is impossible. You cant copy and paste to it without it screwing up. I can't wait for a better alternative to come out. I despise it, and I do NOT recommend it to anyone. Stay away from constant contact. What should you use instead, I have no idea.


We had a similar experience from constant contact, lost 1/4 of our list because of a complaint (they forced us to put entire lists on do not mail). We went from 150K contacts to 90K Now looking for alternatives.

My other big complaint about them is they seems to require these list and account reviews at 4pm on Friday afternoon and sometimes the issue can't be resolved in a couple of hours and you are shut down for the whole weekend.


Great list here. Thanks for detailing each service.

Skip @skipshoe Shuda

@Jean - thanks for pointing out the alternative.


I'd recommend GoToCampaign as a nice hassle free alternative to Constant Contact. Their pay as you go plans range from about $0.005 to $0.0025


I'm trying out Vertical Contact now, and the image doesn't show up in emails. That makes the email look cheap. I love Constant Contact and was planning to buy, when I noticed it does not allow for one off use. That's no good for me. I need to be billed on a pay per use basis.

cheap laptop computers

In my opinion this constant contact would be great tool for those businesses who are new in the market and want to increase their contacts and want to make to make others aware of their business functioning and other things. Great tool and thanks for sharing it.


I was looking for this kind of explanation for quite a while already, thanks for sharing.

Skip @skipshoe Shuda

@Cameron - thanks much for the clarification. I've been hearing more and more good things about Mailchimp, although I haven't used it myself.


Mailchimp is actually free now if you send out under 3000 messages a month and have under 500 contacts. I just signed up and i have been very pleased with it so far

spss help

Best Marketing of Icontact and these are good provide offer. So you can use this website.


John M. Hoyt

This is good information... I'm in the process of investigating lists myself to help our clients and eventually our own company with mail distribution, or re-distribution rather.

Thank you,

John M. Hoyt - Homeland Secure IT, LLC

Skip @skipshoe Shuda

@Cordes - thanks for sharing your experience. I've seen clients with large lists have similar troubles. Anyone from Constant Contact care to comment?

I'm glad you were able to find some alternatives on this post.

- Skip

Cordes Owen

I am predicting the demise of Constant Contact. Because their service is practily un-usable on a commercial scale.

We have a double opt-in list of customers but because < .3% of the people reported our mailing as spam Constant contact made us call their compliance department over and over and eventually told us we could not mail to our list.

This was regardless of an open rate and click through rate tripple the industry standard for this list. The customer service team even commented on how well the recipients interacted with the mail. They only look at spam reports though.

Once upon a time their spam threasholds made since. You used to have to take a little effort to report a mail as spam. Now most online mail cients have a "report as spam" button right next to the junk and delete button. It is too easy to report something that isn't spam as spam.

I am looking for a good alternative to them. I am happy to host my own email marketing software or use someone elses. I am going to try some mentioned here. Thanks.


Thanks so much for this. Constant Contact was the only email service I had come across before, but you gave me a great base to start some research.

Thanks again!

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This blog is very nice and informative. It is pretty hard task but your post and experience serve and teach me how to handle and make it more simple and manageable.


ShiftMail provides UK based email marketing that works on a pay as you go basis.


Skip Shuda

@Rick - thanks for the suggestion! We'll take a look at that topic.


Now that constant contact has event management tools, how about a list of alternative services like www.eventbrite.com and www.ettend.com?

Dale Dreher

Constant Contact is charging me $150.per month for my 11,000 contacts, fine. But, now they Stage and hold my emails when I send out. According to CC 6 Spam reports in 3000 is enough to shut me down. That is unacceptable to me, I know my clients or prospective clients, I want a service that I control, not them controlling me. Anyone know of a service like Constant Contact that doesn't tell dictate to me the quality of my email list?


nice read! thanks for this note !


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