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January 11, 2010



From the David Armano's - Harvard Business Review - article (first article you mention in your post) i think the two most important he mentions are:

"Your company will have a social media policy" + "Mobile becomes a social media lifeline"

"Your company will have a social media policy"

- A lot of companies still don't have social media policies. The problem with this is that there are some employees who say the wrong thing. And others who don't say enough because they're frightened of saying the wrong thing. Social media isn't just about having conversations with customers to strengthen brand loyalty - it's, also, about / involves: customer service/experience, lead generation, PR, and so on.
Social media policy is essential, i think. And something, i think, we'll see far companies paying far more attention to.

"Mobile becomes a social media lifeline"

- I haven't got any stats on hand at moment to back this up. But from what i've read in general, and just thinking about this in general, as well, makes perfect sense, i think.

Two important things to look out for / be thinking about for the future ..

Glad to drop in on your blog ..

Skip @skipshoe Shuda

Another one for your perusal from Elaine Gantz Wright on Five Social Media Trends.

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