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November 05, 2009



Thanks for such a great post and the review, I am totally impressed! Keep stuff like this coming.

Skip Shuda

Michael, Great to see you on the blog! Yes... there is a "half life" associated. with the different social media formats. Another notable characteristic is the idea of "fast twitch" and "slow twitch" (as in muscle) to refer to the speed and frequency of interaction/updates/etc. Some media is for sprinters, others for distance runners. Does this make sense?

Michael Chermside

But unlike some of the other media you listed, blogs stay around for a long time, and people may read them later.

Like this.

Skip Shuda

I'm doing a little research for a "human communications" framework - and this will feed into it. Trying to see if we can get any blog responses in 24 hour period. So C'mon blog readers... even 1 word counts! Facebook and LinkedIn are leading the pack in my response count.

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