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March 23, 2009


Christopher Schultz

Skip - great thoughts. We are on the same wavelength. I appreciate your comment about TribeCon. I really think there is something happening here that is very powerful, and its working from the bottom up. Grass-roots is extremely powerful. Thanks so much for this thoughtful post. Keep in touch.

Skip Shuda

Hey Jared,

Funny you should zero in there... you are in good company with that opinion! I met Ami of ideablob.com and www.bloblive.com a week back and asked,
"What are the key components to help make a great grassroots, viral organization"

His answer? A group of people passionate about the topic.

Thanks for contributing!

Jared O'Toole

It's all about the passion. If you have the passion you can get through whatever ups and downs are tossed at you.

There will be many when starting a business so be ready!

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