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May 15, 2008


Donald B. Dousharm

Hi Yasmine,

It has been awhile since I posted a comment to your blog and am sorry about that. I have been a little busy lately.

I have taken an interest to dmoz.org and Craigslist. I have found that creating advertising groups using Yahoo Groups is a great way to bring targeted traffic to my website.

What I did is create a group for people to post their ads and viewing others ads. I created specific rules and stand by them 100%, in this way I keep strict control of spammers.

The front page of my groups advertises my target web page. I have 3 such groups with the largest being 2500 members.

This is totally free and thought it would fit in with this post nicely. I don't hear much on yahoo groups and thought it would be nice to mention it.

Thanks for letting me ramble!

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