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December 01, 2007


invierta proyectos

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Multifunction Printers

These global technological advancements have changed the way used to work in work enviroment ,this revolutionised change is in favor of huge returns .

Paper Shredder

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No wonder this is sold out!

Stephanie Agresta

Hi guys. Great list. I wanted to let you know about Solio at http://www.solio.com They are a client, but I think it's a perfect fit for your list. Solio is a universal hybrid charger. Basically - you use solar power to charge up every device - your iPhone, Treo, ipod, etc. So - in addition to helping the environment, it's great for road warriors who are always running out of battery!

Check out their site (http://www.solio.com). It even comes in pink for those female tech entrepreneurs in your life. :)

Happy Holidays Team and A Dream!!


Skip Shuda

Yasmine - great suggestions.
Two quick notes...

1) The Wall Street Journal Online edition is only $79 for the year. Save some trees at ...

2) Last year we printed up some nice sweat shirts at CafePress with our logo. This made a great gift for Team and a Dream clients and partners. You can then offer the resulting designs through your own Web site! Check out:


for a store that I created in just 15 minutes!

- Skip

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