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November 27, 2007


Adalia John

Yasmin, I do agree with your conclusion. There is a great quote and excuse me if am misquoting, "the longer you take to do something, the more excuses you have for not doing it."

Skip Shuda

Great additions to the conversation everyone!

Donald - I like the idea that the only bad idea is the one left on the shelf.
PJ - a lot of wisdom in being responsive as a way to address the risk of experimentation.
Kathleen - I agree completely on the "web site is never done" perspective

Keep those agile startup comments coming in!



I agree with everything (except that a website isn't marketing).

When you launch a site, you've signaled your intention if only to *yourself*. You've created new energy, people are drawn to that. Once you take that first step, it's amazing how quickly things can start happening even if you're hedging your bets by telling yourself you're just testing the waters. I work in fashion, I can't tell you how many designers who *convince themselves* that they're just testing the waters, haven't launched a site and end up getting some press. There is nothing more worthless than getting ink and not having a site that people can bookmark to follow up with you later! I hate that! You may as well have never gotten the press because at least in my mind, not having a site beforehand means you haven't planned anything well. Your plans are poorly conceived and my first impression is you won't be around long. You won't be making delivery on any orders you manage to take.

Another reason to launch a site in advance is that too many people think their site concept is just dandy. The truth is, they're AWFULm usually a reflection of that person's web habits. Why does everyone think their behaviors are the same as everyone else's? User experience should shape your site development. Sites should be consistent but not static. Just as an individual or a business grows, so should a site. A website is never a finished product, wrong attitude. A website is always a work in progress.


The feedback you'll get by releasing your product is valuable enough to warrant an earlier release. Users will tolerate bugs and a lack of features if you fix them quickly and continue to update it.

If your community believes in the idea, they'll stick around and tolerate the down times.


I say test the waters. I agree with you Yasmine on your views when it comes to internet business. I believe the only failed internet business is the one still sitting in the idea book.



Completely agreed. It only requires a small investment. A lot of money can be saved if you find out now there's no/little market for your product/service.

It's also a great learning experience in itself.

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