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May 22, 2007


Skip Shuda

Greg, Lu -

THANK YOU! I really appreciate you both jumping in and helping to craft this topic.

1) I'm gonna try to keep the chapters short. I've got a short attention span as a reader - and I think small, short topics are better for the blog anyway. Some will be longer, I'm sure.

2) The Cheap Revolution is NOT defined in this chapter and should be. I'll make sure the hardcopy does. :-)

In the meantime, you can read heavily about it in postings by Rich Karlgaard through Forbes. http://members.forbes.com/forbes/2005/1017/039.html
(sorry - my post responder isn't allowing links! maybe I'll fix later... maybe not.)

I actually provide a really technical definition in my "Different Kinds of Cheap" section of the book (and I think in my post of the same name).

All that said... Lu is right. Its about open source, software as a service, web-based operating platforms, voip, offshoring, global freelancers and even user generated content (Web 2.0).

But wait... there is more! Each one of those phenomena, which are tools, components, technologies, processes, etc. has AN INTERIOR!

What does that mean?!

The INTERIOR means stuff like the cultures that create open source software, the customers seeking software as a service and the meaning that an entrepreneur makes. The entrepreneur makes meaning in his or her world when then create a new way for people to communicate... or a new way to protect information ... or a new way to collaborate with someone on the other side of the planet.

We spend most of our time listing features, measuring response time and counting dollars.

The Cheap Revolution is a call to continue to embrace all that while seeking to understand who built it and why, to make sure that the response time is complemented by responsiveness (like human support) and that dollars are moving around the system fairly.

Hope that helps connect it a bit.

- Skip


i'm a bit confused, so i think that greg is right and you need some more definition. i thought i knew what the cheap revolution was, but it's not really clear to me that my understanding (open source, saas, ec3, web as a platform, offshoring,...) matches your assumptions.
also, the line between guy's stuff/meaning and the cheap revolution needs to be laid out for me - i don't get the connection.
lastly, isn't this sort of short for a chapter?
all that said, great to see this happening!

Gregory Brown

Hey skip,

Looks interesting so far, but here are a few comments:

= If this is going to be the first chapter, it seems like you're assuming the reader knows what the Cheap Revolution is. If that's intentional, you're good to go. Otherwise, you might want the first paragraph to introduce the term.

= You talk about the Cheap Revolution ultimately being a vehicle of synergy, which I can dig, but it's difficult to tell from this first chapter anything about the "how" it is achieved or at least what the scope of the book will be.

This seems like it'd make a great back cover text on a printed book, but might benefit from having a little more detail as the first chapter or beginning of one.

Exciting to see you get this out there though!


Skip Shuda

I just want to make two quick acknowledgements in this opening chapter. First, my friend Shoshana Loeb, who first suggested the term "The Cheap Revolution" to me. I've found it used in describing some of Clayton Christenson's work on disruptive technologies... but it was Shoshi who pointed me to the idea.

The other shout out is Sunil Jagani. When I described the idea of this book to Sunil, he instantly got it - but said, "You know Skip - I like it, but I like to think of it as the Empowerment Revolution. Now everyone can start a business!" I think you'll find a lot of that kind of thinking in this book.

Thanks to both of you friends!


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