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May 13, 2007


Shane pateras

Recently, our team leader has decided to switch from Huddle to WorkForceTrack . Because it is cheaper than Huddle and has almost the same functions. As far as I know, they also offer some kind of discounts. So, I am recommending you to try this

Project Management Software

It allows you to manage several projects at once across several companies, something not offered by any of the other project management tools. DotProject also includes all the features mentioned.

IT Support El Monte

In web based project management tools scheduling, tracking, calendar and functions like reporting are important which then can be accessed by any team member, no matter where they are positioned. Finding the best web based project management tools is not a tough task if you are having the Internet with you.

Project Management Software

You can track the billable hours, project time and costs, and record the productivity and availability of your employees. Employee time tracking software is the final choice of the most competitive companies today.


Nice post!

Take a look at http://www.ganttzilla.com

Looks like this tool matches to almost all conditions you described.

Project Management

Thanks for the info. Evaluation and appraisal are sometimes used interchangeably. This is for two reasons(i) both mean assessment, and (ii) at-times they over-lap especially when we talk of ex-ante evaluation.

Joe MacNish


Our company also offers a Web based application suite that can do most of what your client was looking for, TrackerSuite.Net ( http://www.TrackerSuite.Net ). We also offer an online evaluation, although it is a very basic demonstration. If you'd like to make a full review of it, I'm sure one of our account representatives could help you. Regards!


Thanks Maban! We like what we've seen so far with Celoxis and our intern is signing up for the free trail now.

Maban Desh

Take a look at www.celoxis.com
In short it does everything your client requires and much much more
It does comprehensive project management, time sheets, collaboration (documents, calendar, discussion forums) and workflow. Their workflow component is pretty interesting. it's an advanced application to track things like issues, bugs, risks, etc.
Give it a go!



Thanks for the tip! Huddle seems like a great project management tool. They offer almost all the features I've listed above with the exception of gnatt charts. I couldn't find anything on whether or not dependencies were supported (Hopefully it is). However, the layout is great - very easy to use. The whiteboard feature is a great nice-to-have and I like how it shows you who else on your team is online and when they were online last.

This tool will definitely be recommended to future clients.

Thanks again,



It's a shame you didn't come across Huddle before you did this review (www.huddle.net) - it offers pretty much all the features your client needed as well as the nice-to-haves! Maybe one to keep in mind for next time... :)

Skip Shuda

Would people like to see other reviews like this from Team and a Dream? - Skip

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